You should always secure your home's lock and doors, Check our home security tips

Protecting your home against burglars isn’t something to do before you go out of town. You should always keep your abode safe and secured since a report shows a home invasion can take place in the morning and afternoon when home residents are either at work or school. So, how do you stay pro-active in keeping your home safe and secure without spending a hefty amount of money? Here are six budget-friendly security tips for the home.

#1 Always Lock Your Doors and Windows

Regardless if you live in a safe and quiet neighborhood where everybody knows each other, it’s always a great habit to lock your windows and doors. Every time you leave your home, a quick 5-second check of the locks can make a huge difference. Make sure to double-check if your windows are locked too.

Pro tip: Burglars can easily kick-down doors. You can install a deadbolt lock with a hardened steel bolt. You can make it even sturdier by investing a strike place with 3″ screw reinforcement. Another pro tip solution is to replace the doors with a new one entirely. Look for a replacement that is designed explicitly for forced-entry prevention. If you are a renter or just moved into a new home, it’s always best to change the looks because previous homeowners may still have the keys.

#2 Get a security camera

A report from the University of North Carolina shows that having a visible security camera can deter burglars from entering your home.

Pro tip: Get an indoor and outdoor security camera. The latter will help you monitor anything suspicious around your home. Plus, you can quickly inform the police of a possible attempt. If a burger should ever successfully enter your house, an indoor security system can help track his movements. You can also get a wireless hidden camera clock from Neolavish installed in your bedroom or living room so you can capture footage without the criminal’s knowledge.

#3 Maintain the appearance of your home

An unkempt home may give burglars the impression your home is inhabited. So, keep your garden and your home’s exterior well-kept. Eliminate overgrown grass and worn-out outdoor ornaments. Aside from your house and garden’s physical appearance, you should also not let your mail clutter on your doorsteps.

Pro tip: Install motion sensor outdoor lights along entryways. Sync it with your outdoor security camera so it can automatically record and give you a notification if it is triggered or activated. Learn more about motion sensors here.

#4 Identify your home’s vulnerabilities

A thorough home security assessment will help you determine if your home is safe or not. You should check all entry and exit points, as well as the locks and windows. If you have an existing home security system, make sure that it is working and up-to-date.

Pro-tip: Hire a professional to help you. Many security camera installers will suggest where are the weak points of your home.

Another security tip is to talk to your neighbors. They can keep an eye on your home whenever you are not home. So, there you have it four security tips for the house with bonus pro-security advice.