Neolavish why choose a battery powered camera

Shopping for a home security camera is a challenging and confusing endeavor, especially when you can’t choose between wired and cable-free. To help you decide which one is better, we’ve made this simple yet informative list of why battery-operated cameras are better than conventional security systems.

Remote monitoring via mobile app

Battery-operated home cameras have their mobile application and computer program, which allow remote monitoring even when you are a thousand miles away from your home. Not only they are easy to install and use, but they also have real-time push notifications which alert you when there is any unusual activity caught by the camera.

Place it anywhere you like

Another advantage of battery-operated security camera is you can place it anywhere where you want. You can even reposition it from one place to another because you don’t have to mount on the wall or near your internet router.

Two power sources

Battery-operated security systems are incredibly versatile because it can get power from its rechargeable and removable battery or by plugging it directly to a power supply. So, if there is a power outage or burglars cut your electricity, you don’t have to worry. It will continually record until the battery runs out.

hidden nanny camera from Neolavish.

Build your surveillance system at your own pace

You can connect wireless cameras together (as long as you use the same model or brand) in the app or program, and eventually have one surveillance system. This means you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars outright. You can slowly build your security system at your own pace and budget.

Convenient to set-up and budget-friendly

A wireless security camera is more affordable than wired surveillance systems. For less than $150, you get a security gadget with high-definition video recording, remote monitoring via an app, night vision, motion detection and more. Plus, you don’t have to hire a professional to install and set-up the camera – you can do it on your own!