New gadgets you should splurge on.

The great thing about technology is it is continuously evolving, which means more cool stuff to own and use. If you are like us, who continually craves to find the latest the tech gadgets and news, whether it’s about a LED digital clock with a hidden camera and stereo speakers or something a bit more futuristic, you came to the right place because here is a list of 5 new gadgets for men and women.

Beer Chiller Stick Pack

beer chiller stick from top 5 new gadgets by Neolavish

When your beer has gone warm, you have three choices – you can put it back in the fridge, pour it in a glass and add ice, and open a new, colder bottle. But with the beer chiller stick, you don’t have to do any of these. The beer chiller stick, as its name suggests, makes your drink colder. This handy gadget, which looks like an oversized nail in our opinion, is an FDA-approved stainless-steel beer chiller that contains a mixture of water, glycerol and other food grade elements. When you put it inside your freezer for 45 minutes or more, the liquid mixture will freeze. Then, you can put it directly into any standard size beer bottle. There are many variations of this product, but we absolutely like the one with a bottle opener at the end and a pourer on the other.

Moleskine Plain Paper Tablet

If you like to jot down your thoughts and ideas on a notebook, but hate that you have to type it later on your smartphone or tablet, then you should definitely check the Moleskin Plain Paper Tablet. Upon first glance, it seems just a regular Moleskin – the shape, the design and overall feel screams just your ordinary Moleskin notebook, but when you write anything on it will automatically be transferred to your tablet or smartphone – cool, right?

Samsung Galaxy Series

Top new gadget by neolavish

Samsung recently unveiled its latest Samsung Galaxy line-up – the S10. You have three choices – the S10e, S10, and S10 Plus. All three models boast the brand’s Infinity O display, which is basically a larger display with less bezels and a hole punch for the camera.

Dell XPS 13

Dell’s XPS line-up is one of the most popular and best laptops in the market today. For this year’s latest model, the fourth iteration, you won’t see the weird camera placement – it is now on top of the screen, more textured and grippier surface. Moreover, performance, thermal, and display are better.

LG Signature OLED TV R

LG Roll Up TV top new gadget by Neolavish

Have a ton of cash to burn – like Scrooge McDuck filthy rush, the LG Signature OLD TV R is crazy expensive, but for a reason. As its name suggests, this 65” 4k HDR television rolls in and out. It has a slim rectangular base, which LG managed to put Dolby Atmos speakers, making the whole watching experience to the next level.