A security surveillance system is a crime deterrent device that records your property 24/7. However, just like any piece of technology, your security video camera, sooner or later, will become outdated and will require an upgrade. Therefore, the question now is how do you know if it’s time for a replacement? This article will help you to determine whether or not it’s time for a security camera upgrade.

Blurry and pixelated video resolution  

One of the most obvious signs is the video resolution. If a security camera captures grainy and pixelated footage, then an upgrade should be in place as soon as possible. This is because poor video resolution means unrecognizable footage. Just imagine, having security footage of a burglary incident only to find out that the burglar is identifiable because of the grainy and blurry video resolution of your camera.

Not mobile and computer friendly

Many new security cameras allow you to watch live video footage from your mobile phone and computer. You can even conveniently watch saved recordings from your handheld device. If you still have to check and watch footage by plugging your security camera to TV, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

Cable after cable

Outdated security cameras use multiple wires to get power and transmit the signal. The problem with this wired set-up is burglars can easily cut it off. The latest security camera like Neolavish hidden camera clock comes with a rechargeable battery, which allows uninterrupted footage of up to 4 hours.

Limited video settings

If you can’t adjust the video settings of your security camera, you should consider newer models. The latest security surveillance cameras allow you to adjust the video resolution brightness and even orientation of live video footage. By doing so, you can adjust the video quality to your desired setting. There are some cameras too that allow you to take a photo of the live video.

Old school video storage

Old security cameras usually record on CDs and VHS tapes. Many modern systems use smaller yet larger storage devices like a microSD for maximum recording capacity. Some even offer cloud storage for a minimal monthly fee.

There are many security cameras out in the market today. If your current one falls under any of the five signs mentioned above, then it’s time to purchase a more reliable and better surveillance camera for your home. If you are still happy with the performance and quality of your security camera, you should consider getting a hidden camera clock for additional security.