Burglary, robbery, and home invasion are crimes we are all familiar with. These crimes, although different from one another, have one common intention – to acquire a valuable or belonging in an illegal manner. Many households have a security system or hidden camera clock to deter or prevent such crimes. However, there are still misconceptions that could potentially make a massive difference between a safe and secure home versus an easy target. Here are some surprising facts about burglaries you didn’t know about:

1. Burglars don’t attack during night time

One of the most common misconceptions is that criminals prefer attacking at night. However, that’s not the case. They usually invade your property when you are more likely outside the house – when you are at work, and your kids are at school. The usual time-frame is between 10 AM and 3 PM.

2. It only takes 8-10 minutes for burglars to commit the crime

Burglars won’t take their time invading your home. Once they’ve spot something valuable, they will immediately seize it without anyone noticing. If they go through all your stuff one by one, there is a possibility that someone would notice the commotion.

3. The main entry point is the front door

Another misconception is burglars enter a house by breaking a window. However, statistics show that they prefer the front door – a staggering 34%. Front doors are often left unchecked, and most of the time there’s no reinforcement. A burglar can easily use a picklock or merely slide a card between the doorknob and frame. Worst, kick down a door. So, instead of just installing a home camera facing the front entryway, you should install a deadbolt lock.

4. Windows are second entry points

So, you’ve reinforced your front doors. The next option for burglars is the window. To deter this, you can install a window alarm. If someone breaks the glass or tries to pry open the window, the alarm will go off and send you a notification. This gives you enough time to inform the authorities of an on-going break-in.

5. Burglars don’t steal large valuables

In movie films and television shows, burglars go for valuables like television and other electronics. Unfortunately, statistics show that they prefer items that are small yet expensive. So, what do they usually steal? It’s nothing else but cash.

Having a security system is not enough. Arm yourself with these statistics and findings so you’ll leave no room for a burglar to attack your home and steal your belongings.