7 Reasons Your House Was Ransacked

There’s nothing worse than going to your home, only to find out that it was ransacked. Your television, laptop, PlayStation 4, jewelry and other valuables are nowhere to be found, and your entire house in total disarray. Let’s find out what did you wrong so you can prevent future break-ins.

#1 – You don’t secure your home during daytime

It’s a common misconception that burglars attack during night time. It makes perfect sense, right? Since the light source is minimal, often the front porch and road lights are left turn-on, burglars can easily hide and move more freely. However, that’s not always the case. A study reveals that criminals attack at broad daylight. You read that right. Break-ins occur when Mister Sun is out from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Ask yourself, if there is anyone home during those hours? You’re probably at work, and your kids are at school. Your neighbors may have the same schedule too. So, with an empty house and no neighbors to report a possible on-going break-in, burglars love to target homes at daytime.

It's important to lock your doors all the time

#2 – You haven’t installed a security camera

Security cameras are not only for post-burglary video evidence. It can also deter criminals from attacking. Reports show that when your home has a security camera, you are 300% less likely target as opposed to homes without CCTV. You can also have another indoor hidden camera so you’ll have a back-up camera in case burglars cover or destroy your outdoor security camera.

Install a security camera to deter burglars

#3 – You haven’t reinforced your doors

In movies, burglars go to extreme lengths to enter a house. They use drills and all sorts of prying tools. In real life, criminals can kick your front door. Not the back door or the garage door, but your main entry point. Sounds very alarming, right? Time and time again, home security professionals always advise property owners to secure their front doors with double deadlock and reinforcer plate because standard doors with doorknob licks can break-down with extreme force like kicking.

#4 – You’ve completely forgotten to lock the windows as well

So, your doors now have a deadbolt and strike plate. There’s just one problem – you’ve completely forgotten about your windows. Since all your doors are as secure as a bank’s vault, a burglar will move on to the next best thing, and that’s your windows. The cheapest trick to prevent entrance through windows is to lock it all the time.  If you know you’d probably forget, you can get yourself a window sensor which could be tied up to your home’s entire security system. So, if a burglar goes through the window, the sensor will trip your house’s security system. Depending on your system’s configuration, it can yield to the alarm going off or automatically signal your alarm security system provider to call the authorities.

#5 – You don’t properly dispose of boxes

What’s another way for burglars to find out what you have in your house? It’s through your trash. If you’ve recently bought a gaming console and you throw the box out and about in the garbage, you’re letting burglars know that you have an expensive item inside your house.

#6 – Your valuables are within easy view

Before attacking a home, burglars will inspect your home first. They don’t have to necessarily go into your home since they can peek through your windows. If you have your laptop, jewelry and other valuables in plain sight, then burglars will know that your home is worth the trouble to break-in to.

Hide expensive valuables

#7 – You have a spare key at your front porch

Sometimes burglars don’t have to kick down your door or break a window to enter your home, especially when they can use the spare key you’ve “hidden” underneath the entrance mat, pot, or foliage.

Never leave your spare key

So, there you have it. Which of these seven reasons are you guilty of? Let us know in the comments.