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When it comes to premium home security monitoring device you can rely on Neolavish to offer only the best choices. We specialize in surveillance systems and home security cameras for commercial and personal use.

Our primary goal is providing you with a security gadget that is equipped with the latest and modern video surveillance features. Our cameras are equipped with motion detectors, sensors and night vision. Some of our cameras are equipped with rechargeable batteries so you can leave it unattended.

We are also continuously expanding our cameras for easy video monitoring and streaming around your home or office. You can rest-assured that our devices are available in different price-points and specifications to meet your needs and demands, whether it’s surveillance around your home or workplace monitoring.

We want to be there for our customers and we are proud of our customer support. You can send us your questions through our Facebook account or use our contact form here. Our team will immediately get back to you.

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