No wants to have their home ransacked by burglars. Just imagine, after a long and exhausting day at work, you find your apartment in total disarray and valuables likes cash, jewelry, laptop, and soundbar are missing.  Before this unfortunate and frightening event happen to you, let’s take a look at recent burglary statistics and reports and how you can use this information to reduce the chances of burglars attacking your home. 

Keep your tools hidden

Burglars don’t need drills, grinders, and other electric or battery-operated equipment to enter your home. All they need are common tools like screwdrivers, pliers, pry bar, and hammer. If you have these tools lying around your unlocked garage or shed, you’ll make it easier for criminals to attack your home. Think about it, why do they have to bring theirs when they can already use yours. Plus, it would make it a lot easier for them to escape since they don’t have an extra bag to carry. So, have your tools and equipment locked in a cabinet. Of course, don’t forget to lock your garage too.

Deposit your cash and hide your jewelry

If you are a criminal, what’s the easiest and most valuable item that you can steal without drawing attention? Burglars take cold cash and high-value items like jewelry. A report shows authorities recovered $1,150,000,000 cash and $1,540,000,000 worth of jewelry. These are followed by electronics, office equipment, firearms, and clothing.

Don’t just lock your front door

How do burglar break-in? Statistics show that 34% of burglars will not enter through the backdoor, windows, or basement, but your front door. Quite bold. It makes sense to lock your doors every time you leave, right? However, did you know a door’s structure and security feature contributes its sturdiness against forced entry? So, instead of just locking doorknob, make sure to install a strike plate and double deadlock too. This will make it more difficult to kick down your door and use tools to open it.

Have a real-time alarm security camera notification

Reports show that criminals will only spend 8 to 12 minutes to rummage through your home and steal your valuables. So, time is of the essence! Your security system should be able to alert the authorities once the sensors go off. If your security camera doesn’t have an automatic alarm feature, you can invest on a hidden camera clock. This handy gadget is a great back-up security camera because of its unsuspicious design and real-time alarm push notification. Most of home hidden cameras have motion detection system, so if it captures any movement, you will be immediately alerted directly to your smartphone. This will give you enough time to call the police and inform them of an on-going burglary.

There is no certainty that your home is will be safe from burglars, but by following these security tips can reduce break-in risks and improve your peace of mind. 

Burglary Statistics, Facts and Prevention – Infographic

Burglary Statistics, Facts and Prevention Infographic - NeoLavish

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