You may use this on an adjustable bed as long as the beds are adjusted equally.

You may hand wash it at or below 30°C.

It includes an extra-wide strap with metal buckles to keep the beds strongly together.

Made in China for the US market.

1-year warranty.

It is made from top bamboo viscose and cotton fabrics.

It is made out of premium-grade hypoallergenic memory foam.

Our bed bridge fits all mattress sizes – single to California king.

The coloration is caused by the oxidization of the material and it is not toxic or harmful in anyway. It is simply a sign of entropy, of the inexorable path of time. You can slow this yellowing by ensuring that the bed bridge is rarely exposed to sunlight.

It may work however, the part of the bridge where one mattress is shorter in length than the other wouldn’t have support. The bridge will still fill the gap and the straps would secure the mattresses together.

The straps are adjustable. Metal buckles are used to strengthen the tie.

Yes, it does. The bridge is made out of memory foam too.

It is made of polyester.

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