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FAQs & Warranty


FAQs and Warranty

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Why can’t I connect the hidden camera to my smartphone?2019-02-13T20:43:30+00:00

If you are having difficulties, make sure that the hidden camera is near your Wi-Fi router. Your Wi-Fi security should  be WPA or WPA2 and not WEP. Also, close your smartphone’s VPN. Contact us if you need further assistance.

I forgot my password, what do I do?2019-02-13T20:44:32+00:00

If you’ve forgotten the password, simply reset the device. Go to the technical section>how do I reset my camera

How do you reset the camera?2019-02-13T20:44:49+00:00

To reset the camera, simply press the “reset” button until you see the device’s led light blinking. Then, let go. Wait for at least a minute, and you’ve successfully reset your camera.

What is the default password of the camera?2019-12-04T21:24:36+00:00

The default password is 123456. You can change it via app.

How do I know the battery is fully charged?2019-02-13T20:45:27+00:00

At the back of the device, you will find a diode. It will turn-on when you plugged the device to a power source. It will automatically turn-off if it’s completely charged.

How long do I have to charge the battery?2019-02-13T20:45:44+00:00

Depending on the battery left on the hidden camera, it can take up to four hours to completely charge.

Does it record audio?2019-02-13T20:46:23+00:00

The device  can’t be used for audio recording.

Can I use the camera as a radio?2019-02-13T20:47:19+00:00

Unfortunately, the hidden camera has no radio. You can, however, connect it to your smartphone and use the product as a Bluetooth speaker.

What is your refund policy?2019-02-13T20:47:39+00:00

We offer 30-day refund policy upon purchase.

What is the battery capacity?2019-02-13T20:48:00+00:00

The hidden camera’s battery capacity is 3000mAh.

What is the maximum MicroSD memory it can support?2019-02-13T20:48:17+00:00

You can insert up to 128GB MicroSD

Can you customize the camera’s settings?2019-02-13T20:48:34+00:00

Yes, you can. From the camera’s smartphone app, go to Live Video. Then, tap the screen to launch the camera control panel. You can now customize the camera.

Can you disable the motion detection?2019-02-13T20:48:48+00:00

Yes, you can. You will have to download the app and adjust the settings from there.

Can you use the hidden camera 24/7?2019-02-13T20:49:01+00:00

As long as the device is plugged into a power supply. The battery can only power the camera for 3 to 4 hours.

What is the camera’s viewing angle?2019-02-13T20:49:17+00:00

The camera’s viewing angle is 140 degrees.

Is the hidden camera smartphone-ready?2019-12-04T21:26:42+00:00

The camera comes with its own app called LookCam. This mobile is an app available on PlayStore and App Store.

What is the video resolution?2019-02-13T20:50:29+00:00

You can set the camera’s video resolution to 420P, 720P, and 1080P.

How do you watch from a computer or laptop?2019-02-13T20:51:13+00:00
  1. You will need to download the app first. Follow the instructions in the “how do you connect the hidden camera to a computer.” Skip this step if you’ve already installed the app.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Choose the first camera icon in the menu.
  4. You can now watch the video feed of the camera.
How do you turn on the hidden camera?2019-02-13T20:51:37+00:00
  1. Remove the hidden camera from the packaging.
  2. Open the battery cover at the back, and remove the battery
  3. Carefully remove the plastic protection.
  4. Install the battery again and battery cover.
  5. Press the power button of the device.
How do you set the time?2019-02-13T20:51:53+00:00
  1. Locate the “SET” key. Press it once.
  2. Use the UP and DOWN keys to set the hour.
  3. Press the “SET” key again.
  4. Again, use the UP and DOWN keys to set the minute.
  5. Press the “SET” key if the time is already set.
    Note: To set 12-hour or 24-hour modes, simply press the “UP” key while in time display mode.
How do you connect to the speakers?2019-02-13T20:52:08+00:00
  1. Turn on the hidden camera.
  2. From your smartphone settings, turn on Bluetooth.
  3. Connect to “Liza.”
How do you connect the hidden camera to your smartphone?2019-12-04T21:28:47+00:00
  1. Download and install the LookCam app. It’s available on Android and iOS devices.
  2. Turn on your camera. Go to your smartphone’s Wi-Fi settings and connect to “D00*****”
  3. Once successfully connected, open the LookCam app. Click the magnifier icon. This will prompt the app to search for the camera. Once located, tap the camera.
  4. From the homepage of the app, choose the camera. You will be prompted to change the password. If you are going to change the password, choose OK and follow the instructions. `
  5. Select “Device Settings” and then “WiFi Config.”
  6. Enter your home or office’s Wi-Fi name and password.
  7. Wait for the device to reboot.
  8. Click the camera. You can now view the camera from your smartphone.
How do you connect the hidden camera to Wi-Fi2019-12-04T21:29:37+00:00
  1. Open the LookCam app from your smartphone.
  2. Select “Device Settings” and then “WiFi Config.”
  3. Enter your home or office’s Wi-Fi name and password.
  4. Wait for the device to reboot.
  5. Click the camera. You can now view the camera from your smartphone.