Hidden Cameras with Motion Detector

With today’s technology, it’s easier to capture or record videos in a more discreet manner. In fact, many brands today place tiny hidden cameras in everyday household items such as a clock, picture frame, and light bulb. Even your kiddo’s stuff toy can also come with a spy camera. Let’s take a look at hidden cameras with motion detector disguised as your everyday household items.

USB spy camera

Hidden Camera Clock with Speakers

Of course, top in our list is our very own hidden camera clock with speakers. At first glance, it appears like your ordinary tabletop clock, but tucked inside is a tiny camera that can capture videos and pictures in high-definition. The camera doesn’t emit any light when recording so no one will notice that you are keeping an eye on them! To top it all off, this hidden camera with motion detector doubles as a wireless stereo speaker too. You can play music, listen to a podcast, and use it as your computer’s wireless speakers. All you have to do is connect the camera clock via Bluetooth, and you can instantly use it as a speaker.

USB Wall Charger Spy Camera

This USB wall charger is another must-have spy camera gadget. It looks like your regular USB brick adapter, but, just like our camera, comes with a tiny camera. When you plug it into a power supply, it will immediately start recording. Depending on the brand you get, a USB spy camera can capture footage within 19 feet. The field of view is somewhat limited to 90 degrees.

picture frame spy camera with battery

Wi-Fi Pen Camera

If you want a spy camera that you can take anywhere, then you should consider the Wi-Fi pen camera. What great about this camera is its pen shape and size allow you to carry it around. You can even place it anywhere you like without raising any suspicion. Surprisingly, despite its small size, this spy camera gadget comes with a 170-degree viewing angle, 64GB microSD compatibility, and motion detection system. It also has its own Android and iOS ready app for real-time viewing.

Picture Frame

Last in our list is the picture frame spy camera. Since it’s larger than the rest of the gadgets listed above, it holds a larger battery (according to our research, a picture frame spy camera has a 10,000mAh battery). The downside that it is only battery-operated – it would be weird and a dead giveaway if it has a wire sticking out. Moreover, a picture frame usually is picked-up and inspected closer, so there’s a great chance that your guest will notice the camera!

There you have it, five household items that you don’t expect that is equipped with a hidden camera. Let us know which one are you excited to have in your home!

Neolavish's Four Hidden Cameras with Motion Detector Disguised As Household Items