Hire Professional Home Organizer at Better Nest

For the past few months, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm. The Netflix show, featuring Japanese organizing consultant and author Marie Kondo, is about re-organizing and de-cluttering homes and choosing joy. While we can take inspiration and motivation to follow Kondo’s teachings, sometimes a little help from professional home organizers wouldn’t hurt when you need that extra push to let go some of your items you’re no longer using. So, who do you hire? You can check Betternest.

Who is Betternest?

Betternest is a streamlined and convenient online platform that connects you to their team of professional organizers so you can finally turn your “weekend project” of a cleaner and more organized house into a reality. They can declutter every area of your home (or all of it), whether it’s the garage or the living room.

Before and after hiring a professional home organizer

How does Betternest work?

As mentioned, Betternest is an online platform. You can find professional organizers around your city. They have a unique filtering system so you can hire an organizer based on your budget and needs. Getting in touch with a professional is also convenient and fast because of the messaging system integrated into the platform. You can ask questions about packages and organizing rates before committing. Many professionals are NAPO certified, and all of them hold licenses and offer an insurance policy.

How to hire a professional home organizer at betternest Save

If you’d like to proceed with the services offered, all you have to do is hire the professional and schedule for the session. You’ll be given two options – work side by side or let the expert do the magic. As for the payment, you can pay online.

If you are a professional organizer, you can join Betternest and help homeowners declutter their homes. You can find more details here.