how to secure your doors article from Neolavish.

Forced entry occur during day time when you are not at home. So, it makes sense that you should keep your house’ three important entry points – doors, windows, and garages as secure as possible. Let’s find out how you can make these entryways more robust for burglars to break-in.

Reinforce your doors

Did you know that burglars can easily kick-down doors? So, in addition to the doorknob lock, you should reinforce it. It would help if you considered adding a heavy-duty deadbolt, especially a double-cylinder type. A single-cylinder deadbolt is also a great option, but make sure that it has a grade 1 security rating. If you already have a deadbolt, you can take your door security a step further with a strike box and reinforce plate.

Add a CCTV to your garage

Garages are often left unlocked, which give intruders easy and direct access to your home. One of the simplest tricks is to lock the garage door every time you leave. It doesn’t matter if you are going out for a quick errand, make it a habit to close the garage door. If you can’t trust yourself to lock the doors, you can invest in remote access control. You can close and secure your garage doors by pushing the remote control. Some remotes have smartphone alert features so you can always receive a notification if the garage door wasn’t locked or if somebody is trying to open it.

Add motion sensor to your windows

Another popular entry point of criminals is windows. Make sure that all of your windows’ locks are still functional. Immediately replace the locks if you see rust and other signs of deterioration. You can also invest in motion-triggered sensors that are designed specifically for windows. Whenever a window is opened, you’ll get real-time notification direct to your mobile device. You can also have a glass break detector as well.

In the event that these precautionary measures fail, it’s a good idea to have our hidden camera clock inside your home because burglars wouldn’t assume it’s a camera. They would think it’s just another LED clock. Plus, you can get a real-time alert if somebody is inside your home, which will give you enough time to alert the authorities.