the best microsd for security cameras and gadgets

MicroSD is a handy and quick solution to your gadget storage problems. It allows you to store pictures, music, videos, documents, and other files all while being light, compact, and more portable compared to its bigger counterparts like an external hard-drive or DVDs. The question is what brand and class of microSD should you get for your Neolavish hidden camera clock with speakers and other gadgets? Before you buy one, it’s essential to verify the recommended microSD support of your device. For Neolavish spy camera, you can use up to 128GB. Now Let’s take a look at the best choices in the market today:

Samsung Evo Select for Neolavish

Samsung Evo Plus

Samsung’s Evo Plus is the best all-rounder microSD option you can order today. This is primarily because of its read and write speeds, which are 100 MB/s and 90 MB/s respectively. Another sale point of the Evo Plus is you can get in different capacities – the 32GB as the smallest and 256GB as the largest. Price starts at $7.669

Samsung Evo Select

Another great choice from Samsung is the Evo Select. This microSD is frequently bought together with our hidden camera clock because of its speed and capacity choices. If you have a limited budget but want a reliable microSD, the Evo Select is right for you. Being an Amazon exclusive product, (meaning you can only buy it on Amazon), you can score an Evo Select for as low as $13.99.

Samsung Pro+

If you want a reliable and robust microSD card that you can get without worrying about money, check the Samsung Pro+. It is recommended for video recording because of its U3 rating and excellent read and write speeds. The 64GB version starts at $44.99.

microsd for hidden camera clock

Integral microSDXC Class 10 Memory Card

If you think 256GB is not enough, you should get the Integral microSDXC Class 10 Memory Card. The maximum storage capacity available for this brand and model is 512GB. The large size of this microSD card allows you to store almost anything that you could think of! We recommend it for saving Nintendo switch games. The price of the Integral 512GB starts at $347.03.

Sandisk Extreme Plus

The Extreme Plus collection of Sandisk is the brand’s flagship microSD line. Read and write speeds are commendable 85MB/s for reading and 90MB/s for writing. The price may not be for everyone, but we still recommend it especially the value you will be getting. Price starts at $24.99.

Sandisk Ultra

Sandisk’s Ultra line-up is the more affordable version of Extreme Plus line. Storage capacity starts from 16GB up to 400GB. According to Tech Advisor’s test, this Sandisk microSD can perform at 89MB/s for read speeds, which is decent. However, your expectations may fall short with write speeds because it is only at 27MB/s. Price starts at $19.99.

Please note that the price indicated here is subject to change.

best microSD for smart and hidden camera