☑️ NATURALLY ABSORBING ODORS, moisture, smoke, dust, oil, and air pollutants. It is 4 times stronger and covers 10 times wider room than regular bamboo charcoal . The bags are made from premium breathable linen cloth and contain high-grade bamboo charcoal chunks instead of powdered charcoal. ☑️ 100% ORGANIC, SMELL-FREE, and ECO FRIENDLY charcoal bags. You may use the activated charcoal bags to replace synthetic dehumidifiers, purifiers, and deodorizers. Go green and avoid using chemical-based odor eliminators by switching to the all natural fresh air purifying bags. ☑️ USEABLE ANYWHERE. The charcoal odor absorber is safe to use around kids and pets. The air purifier bag is commonly used in Closets, Kitchen, Shoe, Bathroom, Cars, Pet Areas, Living Rooms, Laundry, Basement, Drawer, Gym Bag, Refrigerator and more. ☑️ EASY TO USE AND LASTS UP TO 2 YEARS. Lay-out the bamboo charcoal air purifying bag under direct sunlight for 2 hours for it to become active. Repeat the same process at least once a month to rejuvenate the activated bamboo charcoal. ☑️ RECYCLABLE. Once the bamboo charcoal bags have reached its life-cycle, give back to nature by using it to grow your plants. Study shows that sprinkling small pieces of charcoal to soil increases water absorption and clear toxins out.