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Everyone is concerned about what goes on at their property! Therefore, with the advance of technology, security cameras became more common and available to buy for private homes.

Today, surveillance systems come in different shapes and sizes. For example, you can buy standard indoor dome type cameras or solar-powered outdoor cameras. There are even tiny hidden cameras tucked inside everyday gadgets like a LED clock, charging adapters, and picture frames. So, how do you know which one is suited for your needs? Let’s find out:

Dome cameras

This type of security camera offers a wider viewing angle thanks to its shape. Since they are mounted at hard to reach areas, they are more difficult to tamper or disconnect, especially when you’ve hidden the cables. As for features, it depends on what brand you will choose. Typically, a dome camera comes with night vision and motion sensors. You will need DVR or NVR recording systems to save the video.
Perfect for: Dome cameras are ideal if you want to cover a larger area.

Bullet cameras

For an outdoor surveillance system, a property owner can choose a bullet camera. They come with a long cylindrical design that resembles a bullet. Unlike dome cameras, they have better weather protection like anti-glare reduction and waterproofing because they are primarily for outdoor use. However, they usually have a fixed viewing angle.  So, you’ll need multiple cameras to cover different areas of your home.
Perfect for: Property owners that want an indoor and outdoor surveillance system

Wireless IP Cameras

Both dome and bullet cameras can be expensive and overkill if your home is relatively small. However, wireless IP cameras are a great alternative. They offer real-time footage by connecting directly to your Wi-Fi internet connection. Recordings are typically transferred to its micro SD or straight to cloud storage. They have a smartphone-ready app so you can adjust the video quality, brightness, orientation, and even take snapshots.
Perfect for: Homeowners that want real-time video surveillance without spending too much money.

Hidden cameras

Last on our list are hidden cameras. As the name suggests, they offer covert video surveillance. They don’t have the distinct shape of either dome or bullet cameras. Instead, they can be your average-looking household item and gadget. For instance, they can be a power adapter, speakers, picture frame, and even a pen. Just like a wireless IP camera, they need an internet connection to provide real-time footage and camera control.
Perfect for: Individuals that need additional indoor protection that is covert and discreet.

With different types of security cameras out in the market today, it’s easy to get confused about which one you need. Hopefully, this article will help you purchase a security system that fits your needs as a property owner.